Saturday, 10 March 2007

[SCM] The planning for 2007 so far

From site to site you may come across various plannings for the release of Saint Cloth Myths (SCM) in 2007. As far as I can tell, so far the only truly official information we can consider to be reliable is this:

  • February 2007: Sea Dragon Kanon (out now)
  • March 2007 (29th):

    • Appendix Pegasus Seiya
    • Appendix Wyvern Radamanthys
    • Appendix Gemini Saga / Kanon
    • Appendix Virgo Shaka

  • March 2007 (31st): Phoenix Ikki Final version
  • May 2007: Aries Shion Surplice
  • September 2007: Premium Figure Shun / Hades
  • November 2007: Figure OU Special Edition Crystal Saint
I shall further add to this planning as more information comes along.

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