Sunday, 22 April 2007

[SCM-Appendix] Wyvern Rhadamanthys - Review, Photoshoot

Last one of the four appendixes, here is the review and a few photos of Wyvern Rhadamanthys:

Release date: March 2007

Box Contents:

  • one face with eyes looking to the side
  • one face with eyes looking straight
  • one set of full blonde hair
  • one wyvern surplice helmet (in two parts)
  • one tail for the helmet shaped as a kind of spring
  • one adapting piece to fit the helmet tail of the Saint Cloth Myth to the helmet of the appendix
  • one torso with neck
  • one chest plastron in two parts
  • one full right shoulder surplice part
  • one partial left shoulder
  • one partial right wing
  • one left wing wrapping around the bust
  • one appendix support in two parts
Review: I have to admit this particular appendix is the item that made me go "whoah" the first time the pictures appeared across the web from scans of Figure Ou and Hobby Japan. While I wasn't necessarily impressed with Gemini Saga / Kanon, Rhadamanthys had something about it that gave life to the whole Cloth Myth.

Mind you, it's a bit like Shaka, when you see the original head they'd included with it, it makes you wonder who their (Bandai's) designer was at the time. So in retrospect, this was very much needed, unless you didn't mind too much having the helmet on, though even then, the original face isn't quite right.

There's not much to say about the appendix. Like the other three, all parts are made of plastic. The only parts which are adaptable on the Saint Cloth Myth are the head parts. The appendix has its own tail that fits on the helmet. It basically wraps around the base support of the appendix for proper display. This brings the end of the tail sticking out from underneath the wing at the front. You can fit the SCM's tail on the helmet with an adaptor piece included in the box.

The wing itself is quite nice but it won't adapt on the Cloth Myth. It can also be a real mirror, which makes photoshooting rather challenging. Mine has slight blemishes on the wing and bits of the chest part, but that's minor as far as I'm concerned. One amusing thing I've noticed while processing the images, is that the left wing actually has miniaturised folded "limbs" at the top. You can see them if you look carefully at the images below.

As for Shaka, watch out for paint bleeding on the face when the helmet is on.

This reveals Nothing new

Photoshoot: Just like Shaka, only 4 pictures but I hope you'll enjoy them ^^


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