Friday, 29 June 2007

[OAV] Elysion Chapter - First News

Masami Kurumada has posted the following image in his own blog related to the production of the upcoming and final chapter of the Hades Saga: Elysion:

The image doesn't tell us much though. All we know is that the title will be "Saint Seiya Meioo Hades Elysion Hen" and it starts listing the staff involved. Other than that we don't know much.

At the very least we now know that there will be Elysion OAVs and considering that it's the last official Saint Seiya chapter, one can hope to have quality drawings and animation featured in them, unlike the disappointment that was the first 6 OAV of the Inferno chapter, not to mention the last 6 which were a bit better but not by much...

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