Saturday, 23 June 2007

[SCM] Figure OU + Hobby Japan June 07

Well actually I think it's technically the respective August issues, but let's not go there.

First thing to mention is the Casual Clothes Series (or whatever the official name will be, it might even be part of the next appendix series, who knows...). Only one photo for now, which shows the clothes for Pegasus Seiya and Dragon Shiryu, their Pandora's box (with a small scale model of their cloth Version 2, go figure...?) and the shoes. I'm still confused as per whether it's a whole new body or not seeing as they both have bandaged forearms and Shiryu's face looks different somehow... maybe it's just the angle of the photograph. Anyway see for yourself:

Then we move on to the black display stands. Not much else to say here, so just have a look:

Third item of notice is a teaser about the next appendix series that says "oh look, we're currently working on redisigning Leo Aiolia's face mask. Well that's nice but personally I would have preferred a visual of the new face. Well at least we know they'll release him... ehm, eventually. No release date yet. Check it out:

Finally the best for the end. The "Age of Myth" pictures of Siren Sorrento. Here they are before I comment on them:

Well I've not bought Kraken Isaak or Sea Dragon Kanon because not being a huge fan of the Marinas, I saw little point of collecting them (saving money's a good thing right?). Well that was until this came out. Mama-mia this myth us superb! The colour of the hair is a little off still but the details on the flute, the fingers, the eyes, the scale it's all there, it's Sorrento! It's a bit of a dilemma really, we'll see what comes off it when it comes out. I'll try to recenter my focus on Syd seeing as it's already preordered and we've not even seen a prototype yet ;)

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