Sunday, 29 July 2007

[SCM] Appendix - Casual Clothes Series

Okay, so we have a little more information (which I am a little late to publish, apologies) about the new appendix "casual clothes" series. As a matter of fact, Hobby Link Japan has put a pre-order for them this afternoon and they are indeed meant to come out in November.

For the moment, there is only Dragon Shiryu and Pegasus Seiya as shown in the pictures below (kindly provided by Sorrento and various others :))

What it seems to be (I've not had the time to try and translate I'm afraid) is for Dragon Shiryu a complete body with bandaged arms, chinese slippers, his purple tunic and trousers and his (die cast) pandora's box. We've seen images of the Object of the Reborn Cloth (V2) of Seiya but not of Shiryu though it is supposed this will be included. And if it's like the first images we;'ve seen of this, it is likely that Shiryu's body will have a tattoo on his back.

For Seiya, same story, bandaged arms, trainers, jeans and red t-shirt, pandora's box and (presumably, though it's not on the above images) the miniature object of his V2 Cloth.

I've not decided to order this personally, as always I need to really be entranced by a myth to acquire it. Those two seem a little superfluous to me. I'm sorry if this shocks to other die hard fans but I'd rather wait for the God Warriors ;)

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