Monday, 6 August 2007

[SCM] Reborn Cloth 5 Bronzes Boxset

Gahhh, once again I come with news that are out of date for the rest of the world ;)

It has been announced (what? 2 weeks ago now or something?) that there will be a special boxset of the first 5 myth cloths (known as the "Reborn" cloths, as opposed to the "Final" cloths) to be released in October this year (although HLJ has it for December release so it's all a bit confusing now).

Apparently this will include remodelled cloths along with new bodies and heads for each of the 5 bronze saints, 5 display stands and a "special bonus" nobody knows about but which has been anounced anyway. It looks like it will all come in a special briefcase-like packaging, all for the affordable price of ¥20,000 (roughly £85... and even more roughly $170)

Trevor from all4seiya provided this promotional picture:

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