Saturday, 13 October 2007

[Saint Cloth Myth] Sea Horse Baian - First Pictures

You are not going to believe this. We only found out yesterday that Bandai will indeed release Sea Horse Baian in January 2008 and today we already have the first photographs of the prototype... before we even had a glimpse of a shadow of Hagen. This tells me loads about Bandai's priorities in the type of characters they release in the Saint Cloth Myth format.

Anyway, my first impression for this are again somewhat mitigated. It seems to have the same sort of pale colours as Kanon, very unlike the sort of Orangey colour you can see in the anime. Like other generals it is very well streamlined but to me it just looks rather uninteresting... Note that they seem to have put some form of hand protection similar to what they did for Shion Surplice.

I'm curious whether there'll be a "God Breath" face with him huffing and puffing... I somehow doubt it but you never know.

Enjoy the pictures, thanks to Tsume for those ;)

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