Friday, 16 November 2007

[Saint Cloth Myth] Crystal Saint is out - Selected photos

Okay remember when I said some time ago that I wouldn't buy this myth because I didn't think it was particularly well done? Well, I've not got it yet but I'm starting to change my mind about this. Bandai has done some definite improvements on the design and in particular on the "good" face, which to me is an important feature of every myth cloth.

So let's start with "old" photos from the magazine Giga Hobby that ran a special article about this exclusive figure.

We also have the first visuals of the box. Note that this is different from other boxes in that the drawing of the character from the animated series doesn't not figure there. Instead we have a simple snowflake. I suppose this is comparable to premium myths. On the other hand the fact that they used an old photograph in the front that shows the older "ugly" face, the same way they did for Syd before they decided it needed a facelift. Just compare the face at the front with that at the back.

Since I'm mentioning the box, I've spent some time trying to decipher the Saint Myth Code on the side. Unfortunately, it doesn't say much. If you reverse the letters once transcribed in latin characters you get "GOKOUNYUUARIGATOUGOZAIMASITA", which is a simple sentence in Japanese. Now not being an expert in the language, the best transcription in Japanese characters I could come up with is 御購入ありがとうございました which means "Thank you very much for your honourable purchase". So no stunning revelations on upcoming figures... sorry.

And with these selected images from Hima Toy Blog, I'll point out how it's really quite a good idea to add these "frozen legs" parts which can be used on hyoga. Unfortunately for them to be in accordance with the anime, it really needs to be the 1st version of the Cygnus Cloth... ah well, it'll come out at some point I'm sure.

So enjoy the pictures and make your own opinion. I'm only holding myself back due to lack of space and a preference to focus on the God Warriors but this is now becoming very tempting. The object form for instance is really quite well thought through for something that never appears in either the original manga or the animated series.

A big thanks to the usual suspects for the photos: Trevor (all4seiya), Shido and Sorrento ;)

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