Saturday, 23 February 2008

Back in 2008 - Lots to catch up with

Hey folks,

I know I've been away from writing in there for about 2 months or so. I apologise, especially since as I've been following the news in the Saint Seiya world, there is lots I need to catch up on, so we'll keep things to their utmost important.

So we'd left it at Hagen and Baian but since then, in the Saint Cloth Myth release calendar, there has been loads of juicy new characters due to come out. Let's see if I can dig photos for you.

- January had Seahorse Baian released and here are the Tamashii photos:

The reviews so far have been rather mixed about this myth. Some love it, others find it rather plain, the majority seem to agree on the object form not being the best thing Bandai has done to this day...

Anyway, let's move on to more exciting things

- February 2008: Appendix Leo and Aries

Now that's something due to come out officially today so keep an eye out for those pre-orders. Meanwhile, have a few more Tamashii pictures:

- March 2008: Special Edition Gold Plated Pegasus Seiya & God of Death Thanatos

While we've already covered the former with relevant images (save for an extra item which will be available in Hong Kong, that is a display case with integrated lights), the latter has only been recently announced.

Apparently, the box will be larger than normal. Seeing how the wings seem to be shadowing everything, this does not surprise me much. Here's a few pictures, including recent scans of Figure Oh:

And the latest Figure Oh:

- April 2008: Eta Star Benetnash Mime.

The God Warrior series goes on slowly but surely. The 4th god warrior has been not only announced but is available for pre-order in most major retailers.

However, so far all we have is this:

It seems a trend since Hagen to show as little as possible about the upcoming God Warriors. This one is coming out in April and so far this is all the photos we have....

- May 2008: Scylla Io

Now that's the only Marina worth having (and the only I will buy for myself). Just seeing the prototype makes you go mmmhhhhhh. See for yourself:

Again, not much to see but enough to realise that there is a great fig coming out... makes you wonder why it's the brainless characters who get the best armour... ;)

- June 2008: Pegasus Seiya God Cloth

Yep, well with the Elysion chapter coming up in OVA format, this was to be expected as they always start with Seiya anyway.

This again will most certainly won't disappoint. The big question is what colour? I'm guessing silver blue as in the animé but it may be different...

That's all for now. I'll post some more as news come through, hopefully this is enough ;)

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