Thursday, 20 March 2008

[Saint Cloth Myth] Tamashii Nation 2008

This is probably the most expected exhibit of the year in terms of Saint Cloth Myths. Tamashii, the branch of Bandai which deals with the conception and release of our figurines is presenting in Tokyo many of their creations.

Unsurprisingly, there has already been lots, and I mean, lots of photos posted of what is being presented there. As far as I can tell, there are 3 kinds of figurines, so let's start with what we know is going to be released:

We can distinctively see, Seiya Gold line (out now apparently), Benetnash Mime, Pegasus Seiya God Cloth, Scylla Io and Thanatos among those we already know.

Let's look at those specific ones in more detail:

Benetnash Mime:

Pegasus Seiya God Cloth:

Scylla Io:


Until now, Seiya God Cloth and Scylla Io were only available as prototype images. Now we can see what they will look like and one thing that stroke me immediately looking at Seiya God Cloth is how they seem to have integrated the hinge-less plastron as part of the Cloth. I'm not sure if that means it will contain more plastic parts or if the've worked out a viable way to do this with metal parts but it makes this normally heavy-looking cloth quite slender and attractive.

As for Io, well, I'll only say that he's the only Marina I will have in my collection and I'm not regretting it ^^

Let's move on to what I would call "Concepts". It's unclear (for me anyway) whether those are figures which are planned for future release, abandoned projects or tasters to see the reaction of fans.

Sagittarius Gold Cloth Premium Edition (labelled "Fake")

Esmeralda & Guilty (labelled "Death Queen")

Mizar Syd and Alcor Bud (labelled "Light and Shadow")

Sky Cloth Toucan Sho (labelled "Man made cloth")

Libra Dohko young and old (labeled "Misopetha-menos")

Aries Mu Casual Clothes and Appendix Kiki (Labeled "Appendix")

Saori Kido Athena (Labelled "Saori")

One thing I should mention about that one is the fact that it would seem that Athena will be the 2008 premium release based on a flyer included in the box of Death God Thanatos. However, this figure was clearly displayed in a different area as those announced future releases so it's best to leave it among the concepts until we have more information from Figure Oh, Hobby Japan and so on.

Sagittarius Gold Cloth Redesign (Labeled "Sagittarius (I)")

Life-size Sagittarius Cloth (labeled as "Sagittarius (II)")

Gold Cloth Pandora's Boxes (labeled as "Cloth Box")

Bronze Saints Golden Cloth (labelled as "Power of Gold")

As I said it's better to remain cautious about the above. That's why it's safer to call them "concepts". Still for those who feared that the Steel Saints may one day be released in Myth Cloth, at least you know that Bandai is thinking about it ;)

Ok the third type of displays is what I will call "Dioramas". Some of them contains unreleased Myth Cloths as well:

"Freezing Coffin"


Double Athena Exclamation (labeled as "Forbidden Attack")

Orphée Recital for Hades

To finish, this salon will have an exclusive pack of Aries Shion Surplice + Pope Shion and here's what they look like:

I would like to give heartfelt thanks for the guy(s) at Toycan for posting the majority of those images, Gamu Toys for the photos of the labels, Dengeki /, Yesou, GA Graphics,, Toysdaily, Sorrento (as always) and Icereef at ma-deesse

For all the photos I have gathered:
Tamashii Nation 2008


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cuando salen a la venta las figuras de saguitario premium??? Sobre todo en México. O minimo saber si va a salir a la venta esta version?


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fenrir said...

No soy seguro. No hay nada official actualmente. Es possible que sale a la vente a la proxima año. Pero es solamente un rumor.

La proxima vez, pregunta en ingles por favor, mi español es si bueno... ;)