Thursday, 22 May 2008

[Saint Cloth Myth] Hobby Japan 7 - Seiya God Cloth

Apologies for being out of touch so long, here's a couple of fresh news you guys should be glad to hear about:

We'll start off with the first images of Hobby Japan 7, kindly provided by Cybergundam:

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First off, the upcoming release for August 2008, which is the last of the 7 Sea Generals, Lyumnades Kassa. On here, you only see a pictorial representation but a photograph of the prototype has been circulating for about a month now, and here it is:

(Thanks to Sorrento again for this one)

Personally, I'm not overly fond of this character so as all the other sea generals (except Io), I shan't be acquiring it. However, I am looking forward to seeing the final product...

Also note that the premuim myth for 2008 is confirmed to be the Athena figure which was seen at the Tamashii Nation exhibit. Apparently this is not necessarily the final product and some re-adjustments are likely to be made before final production begins. Hopefully they'll add more grace and less visible articulations though overall it is a rather pleasing figure.

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As you can see on this, the emphasis is on Seiya God Cloth, aka Seiya V4, aka (wrongly so) Seiya Kamui. It's a truly magnificent piece, and I daresay much more pleasing than the bootleg custom from Hong Kong which was released last year. The wings are enormous, quite probably larger than the Sagittarius Gold Cloth, especially considering that the packaging is going to be the same size as Thanatos'. Unfortunately, its size alone means I probably won't be acquiring it either, mostly due to space contrains, and I'm not the kind to buy figures and leave them in their boxes.

Here are high res images to better view some of the details (Thanks pope_shion):

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