Tuesday, 27 May 2008

[Saint Cloth Myth] Julian Solo / Poseidon, First full visuals

Ok folks, hold on tight to this one. The myth cloth of Julian Solo / Poseidon will not only be released as early as this coming September but it will come in two different flavours:

- The first one, priced at ¥5,500 will be a "normal" myth meaning one body and its armour (scale in this case) which you can re-assemble in its object form.

- The second one, priced at ¥10,000, will be the "DX" version with a few more goodies added for good measure. Not only does it come with a throne, a trident with the ribbon around its shaft, a better quality cape, a stand for the trident, an extra base for the legless form of the object (the original one) and some kind of hidden compartment in the throne for an undetermined purpose so far, it also has blonde hair and its scale coloured in accordance with the manga, as opposed to the Anime version of the "normal" release (yeah I know the colours aren't quite right but we're used to that now with the marinas... ;))

Check it out, and thanks to Sorrento again for the pic ;-)

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