Tuesday, 24 June 2008

[Saint Cloth Myth] Figure Oh 125

It's that time of the month when we're told whether something amazingly new is pointing to the horizon or if it's just going to be more photos of things we've seen before.

Well this month it's a little bit of both. First of all, there are the "age of myth" photos of Lyumnades Kasssa. I've said it before but this figure really doesn't inspire me, and those photos are somehow not quite as appealing as the ones from the Tokyo Toy Show. I find it rather funny that they tried to give him a somewhat bent posture by just bending the torso forward and keeping the legs straight.

Below are the same photos of Poseidon and Athena we've seen before as well as a glimpse of the box art of Pegasus Seiya God Cloth... And there I thought this box was a badly made fake...

Now the real surprise is what's below. Last month Figure Oh hinted at a new exclusive figure similar to last year's Crystal Saint figure. Well, though we only have a silhouette, the text says that this year it will be "Pegasus Seiya Broken Version". And here we were hoping for something really exclusive, you know like a silver saint or another Anime exclusive character (or even a specter if they're going to squeeze the most out of the Hades chapter). But no, instead we're getting a, umm, 6th version of Seiya. Now what would be really funny is if they wouldn't bother getting him a proper face. It's obvious from the silhouette that this will be Seiya V2 and if the size of the diadem is something to go for, it seems there won't be much re-work there.

One things which I do find puzzling though is that it's only priced at ¥1,600, which is even cheaper than an appendix. So perhaps it will simply be the cloth provided without a body for Seiya V2... Unfortunately my japanese really isn't up to speed so I can't tell what the text actually says
Thanks to Cybergundam for the scans

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