Saturday, 7 June 2008

[Saint Cloth Myth] Lyumnades Kassa - Exclusive Photos

One thing I should point out before saying anything else, these photos are still at the prototype stage. You'd think it surprising for a product due to be released by the end of August but that's the case.

Having said that, I can't say it will matter either way as far as I'm concerned as I'm not really fond of this character and will therefore not bother purchasing it. However, if you are keen on Kassa, this is probably what it will end up looking like. Personally I found his face hilarious but since Kurumada has never shown him without his helmet on, it's hard to tell what he's supposed to look like "civilly" (not that this adjective applies to him but there you go)

Thanks go to Cellsenshi on Ikki63 for these exclusive photos, oh and for those who care the shoulder parts will be die-cast ;)

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