Tuesday, 9 December 2008

[Saint Cloth Myth] Aquarius Camus appendix - Tamashii photos

Thanks to Trevor for those promising pictures of the upcoming appendix of Aquarius Camus.

Looking at it carefully, you can notice the lock of hair doesn't fall over the mask on this. It's an issue for some fans but I think there's a logic behind it. Looking at the last photo of the Aurora Execution position, it would probably be quite awkward to have this lock of hair in the way, which is why I think the concept designers have decided to leave it more as suggestion the way it is done.

You could also argue that he smiles a little more than he should considering how cold his character is but I feel it somehow humanises him a little.


sceanne said...

conicWish you all the best for this festive season!!

Keep it up!

fenrir said...

Thank you :) Best wishes to you and yours as well :)