Thursday, 1 January 2009

[Kurumada] New Artwork

Yep, there's new things tirring on Masami Kurumada's blog. As always it's kinda blurry just now in terms of the real information, and since he doesn't seem to have an English version of his blog any longer, this makes figuring things out a little more tricky.

However, these are pictures from his last two posts. The first one, I can't quite picture what it's meant to be. It could just be a standalone illustration, but then plenty of artists have done that in the past and he's never really bother with showing them. All I can analyse is that the scene is at the Sanctuary after the 5 bronze saints got their "reborn" (ie. V2) cloths.

That one however, is a bit clearer. There's been talks for some time now about a paper version of the Tenkai-hen Overture, the first instalment of the Celestial chapter which came out as a rather controversial movie in 2003.

It's not exactly a secret that Kurumada never was happy with the final product and so quite rightly he's now set himself to produce his own version. How coherent the story will be is yet to be seen. You can have a guess with the drafts below and make up your own mind but as for me, if it turns out as incoherent and badly written as Next Dimension was (is? I'm not even sure if he's still at it) then it'll be another waste of time for the fans.

Wait and see as they say.
And before I forget, Happy New Year to my readers. I hope you get all the happiness you may be searching for :)

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