Wednesday, 18 March 2009

[Lost Canvas] Anime DVD release

As previously mentioned, the anime version of Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas will be an OVA and therefore will be available pretty much straight on to DVD.

The release date for the first volume is 24 June 2009.

For an idea of what the anime will look like here's a few links:

I have to say, I'm not too convinced by some of the artwork. Dohko for instance is quite far off the original Teshirogi drawing. Yato looks weird too, he was given a figure that doesn't quite suit him. The most disturbing is how so well endowed they've drawn Athena again. She's not the goddess of motherhood and nursing guys... 

Anyway, let's hope the animation and script will be more elaborated than the Hades Chapter OVAs from the Toei...

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