Sunday, 8 March 2009

[movie] More cast listed

Okay no picture yet because we're talking about some pretty unknown actors here. However, it appears IMDB has been updated again with some rather odd information.

The major news is the role of Pegasus Seiya has been given to one Rafael Bailão. Looking at his biography, and trying to find photos of someone who could perhaps be him, was a pretty fruitless endeavour. There's not even a date of birth of his imdb biography. But that's not the strangest. In the movie page the character is listed as "Seiya de Pegasos". Now why would an american production list a character name in Spanish/Portuguese when its original name works quite well in English?

The second role, whose cast is this time listed as "rumored" (and I hope it stays that way), is for the character of Eagle Marin. It is attributed to one Rita Cadillac, and if her name sounds as dodgy to you as it does to me, then you would be right as some quick googling revealed some unequivocal photos even with my safe search on... Her biography page is even less re-assuring, as it turns out she's a 55 year-old grandmother. It's either a mistake or someone is seriously taking the piss here. I agree that in the manga/anime the 16 year-old Marin does look more like she's 25 but no more than that.

Very strange indeed, unfortunately, I don't know of anywhere else to have more in-depth information on the project so we'll just have to wait and see

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