Tuesday, 23 June 2009

[Saint Cloth Myth] Figure Oh 137: Pegasus Tenma

Here it is, the first myth cloth off the Lost Canvas spinoff by Shiori Teshirogi due to come out in August 2009. This coincides with the release of the first DVD of the OVAs that should be round about now.

Now, as I said in a previou spost, the animatin and graphics of these OVAs are tremendous, however, sometimes a little improvement can't hurt. What I mean by that is the overly simplistic, in terms of colour of Tenma's cloth. Sure it's quite close to Seiya's original anime cloth but it kinda lacks highlights of sorts so the blue chromium makes it look quite plain. Still lots of potential for the original anime series to create some customised figures with little work.

Also of note is a CAD design of Benu Kagaho, one of the first major specters to battle in the manga series. The result is quite intriguing so we'll see if Bandai decides to go ahead with this character and when.

Thanks to Trevor for the scans :D

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