Thursday, 2 July 2009

[Saint Cloth Myth] Lost Canvas - Benu Kagaho Exclusive Prototype

Last Weekend was the yearly "Japan Expo" in Paris and by the looks of it, they had an exclusive prototype on display which is being made available even before any Toy Show in Japan.

Benu Kagaho, the first major specter to make an appearance in lost canvas and which release had been announced a few days back is actually already in the prototype stage, despite my initial doubts of a November release based on first images being a CG design.

It's hard to tell exactly and I can't say I recall his surplice to be like that but it looks like some sort of mix between a God Cloth and Rhadamanthys' surplice. It's supposed to pretty much be all black so we'll have to wait to see the coloured version but so far, it looks pretty good, perhaps a little broad on the hips...

Anyway, thanks to the guys at Ikki63 and ma-deesse for posting those pictures. :)

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