Friday, 16 March 2007

[Photoshoot] Dragon Shiryu Final Version

Released in November 2005, the final cloth version of Dragon Shiryu was acclaimed by the fans as a masterpiece of resemblance with the character.

As a figurine, the beauty comes at a cost. It is a very fiddly figurine, in a sense that a lot of little pieces just won't stay in place. The leg articulations are also not particularily smooth and fitting the hands on is always a nightmare. But once correctly in place, what a piece!

This was my first choice of figurine when I started collecting myth cloths and so far it's proven a good choice. So here are a few pictures taken Tuesday night with pretty much the same lighting system as for Hyoga. I must think of an efficient way to provide front lighting that does not come at an awful cost.

And as always, comments and suggestions are welcome ;-)

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