Sunday, 11 March 2007

[SCM] Dubhe Siegfried modifications for European Market

Released in September 2006 in Asia, the first God Warrior, Dubhe Siegfried was released this month in Europe (France and Spain... we can but wish to have UK versions of myth cloths ...) only with a few modifications to comply with some European safety standards.

Here is a comparaison of what we know the changes to be so far:

These changes come as a controversy among the fans who have long debated about the accuracy of the original figurine, not 100% faithful to the original design of the character in the anime (in particular the left pauldron). So far there seems to be a willingness to boycott this European figurine as it clearly damages the beauty of it.

For reference, here is a photograph of my own myth cloth, which I find to be the gem in my collection despite its few shortcomings. The photograph could be a lot better but I am working on improving myself in this domain ^^. Enjoy:

Credits: Thanks to berserk of ma-deesse forum for the images

Edit: While I'm at it, here's how the French box now looks like for Siegfried and presumably all new myth cloths to be released thereafter:
Siegfried French Myth Box

Thanks to Tsume for the picture ^^

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