Thursday, 29 March 2007

[SCM] Phoenix Ikki, Box Art and Myth Code

Well here it is, the pictures of the packaging for the Saint Cloth Myth of Ikki Final Version. For more pictures of ikki himself, have a look at Thanks to lljjgg from the all4seiya forum for providing the link ^^

Now like most Myth Boxes there is what I call a "Myth Code" which can sometimes reveal a future release. It took me a while to work it out this time because the photograph wasn't quite so sharp but from what I can make out, the code transcribes as:


Or in English:

"Light and a shadow which appear starlit", which to me sounds like the announcement of the future release of Zeta Syd and Zeta Prime Bud, but we'll see ^^. Bear in mind that this might not be a 100% accurate transcription, I'll know for sure when I either get my own order in mid-april or if a higher resolution box picture is published somewhere online.

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