Wednesday, 25 April 2007

[PVC Statues] Megahouse Excellent Model

Trevor and Sorrento from the all4seiya forum have posted new images from the latest issue of Hobby Japan. Besides the pictures of the statues that we've already seen countless times, we can also see a photo of the packaging, which is fairly standards for resin / pvc statues.

The surprising bit of information on there is the release date marked as "end of April 2007", which contradicts one of my earlier posts announcing their release for 25 May. At this point, I'm not entirely sure when exactly they will be released though traditionally the packaging images are revealed only a week or two before the actual release date so we may just end up having these earlier for a change...

Thanks guys for the pictures ;)

Addendum: And then you go to the official Megahouse page, and the release date is announced for mid-june 2007... That's it, I've really confused now...

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