Tuesday, 17 April 2007

[SCM-Appendix] Gemini Kanon / Saga, Photoshoot, Review

Continuing in the series of posts on the new Appendix series, I now present my own review and photos of Gemini Kanon / Saga.

Release Date: March 2007

Box Contents:

  • 1 head part for Kanon with eyes open
  • 1 head part for Saga with eyes closed
  • 1 hair part for Kanon (in 2 parts)
  • 1 hair part for Saga (in 2 parts)
  • 1 torso
  • 1 extended right arm
  • 1 hand part with index finger pointing and other fingers open
  • 2 shoulder cloth parts (left and right)
  • 1 plastron
  • 1 forearm cloth part
  • 3 fixation parts for the shoulders (left and right for Appendix and a secondary right one adaptable on the Cloth Myth)
  • 1 support base (in two parts)
Review: A lot of people agree that this is probably the least necessary of the 4 appendixes, mostly because Gemini Saga has a pretty well done face part and Seadragon Kanon which was realeased only a month prior to the appendixes also has a nicely done face. Thankfully the face parts are slightly different from their SCM counterparts.

Not owning the Seadragon scale, I cannot really compare the two faces but based on the pictures I saw the face of Kanon on the appendix looks less malicious as in the Poseidon saga and more determined as we saw him in the OVAs. Saga however, has been given a peaceful face with closed eyes and a smile. To me this does not really correspond to the character who not only was the "big bad guy" in the first 73 episodes / 13 volumes of the manga but also came back in the Hades saga as the leader of the trio Saga-Shura-Camus with an apparent determination to seek Athena no matter what stands in their way. It remains a beautifully done face of course and will surely please the fans of the character.

Note that the air parts for both Saga and Kanon are shorter than their SCM due to the constraints of the appendix. Heads are adaptable on the Cloth Myth of course, though I have not tried it myself yet.

The shoulder parts are also adaptable on the Cloth Myth. However note that as all 4 appendixes are made entirely of plastic, these parts are not articulated the way the SCM's are. Cloth parts of this appendix are also slightly more orange than the SCM which clashes a little. The parts meant to attach the shoulder parts are also not articulated which will disappoint those who were expecting additional parts to allow for greater movements of the Cloth Myth.

Finally the fact that only one hand and arm part are provided will make things rather disproportionate for those wanting to use these parts on their SCM.

Personally I have chosen to display the appendix with Kanon's head which contrasts quite well with my Cloth Myth of Saga.

Again, nothing new is said here.

Photoshoot: I have kept it simple but I find these pictures nice and sharp. First 3 are of Kanon, the last 3 of Saga. I hope you enjoy them ^^

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