Sunday, 15 April 2007

[SCM-Appendix] Pegasus Seiya - Photoshoot, Review

Well it only took a week for my order to arrive from Japan but it almost took me as long to dedicate some time to take pictures. Still here they are, the first series of Saint Cloth Myth Appendix, starting with Pegasus Seiya.

Here is my review and some photos of it:

Release date: March 2007

Box Contents:

  • 1 head with mouth open, as if shouting
  • 1 head with mouth semi closed with an expression of anger / passion
  • 1 bare front hair piece adaptable on both heads
  • 1 front hair piece with a slot for the diadem of Pegasus V3
  • 1 diadem for the Pegasus Final Cloth to fit more snuggly than the one included in the SCM box
  • 1 body with both arms attached and non-moveable
  • 2 hands closed as fists (left and right)
  • 2 hands open in the loading position of the "Ryû Sei Ken" (left and right)
  • 1 chest plastron fixed without the usual hinge mecanism
  • 2 arm cloth parts (non adaptable to the SCM)
  • 1 back triangle
  • 2 regular shoulder cloth parts (left and right)
  • 1 damaged left shoulder cloth part
  • appendix support (2 pieces)
Review: One thing that should be mentioned first is the fact that all pieces are made of plastic, which allows for a more shiny piece but also makes it more vulnerable to breakages. The back triangular piece is made of a softer, more maleable type of plastic, which allows for a better fit of the shoulder parts as those are attached to it.

My first impression when I first put it together was a deep feeling of awe. This, to me, is really a magnificient piece. Amusingly enough, my wife thinks it looks "freaky" without the legs, but as far as I'm concerned, this is as close to resembling a character from Saint Seiya as it's even been.

The second thing I noticed is how dark Seiya's skin is on this Appendix. I don't own the corresponding Cloth Myth so I can't compare it but I find it noticeable. Not that it's a bad thing mind, much to the contrary it goes well with his dark hair and adds a nice touch to the reprensentation of the whole character.

As far as putting the Appendix together is concerned, this is a reasonably simple procedure. Fitting the headpiece to the hair can be a little tricky but for experienced owners of SCMs it won't be any more difficult than Shiryu Final Version for example. Also in order to fit the shoulder pieces, the should be attached to the back triangle first and then have the triangle fixed on the back.

Note that the plastron, shoulder pieces (and obviously the back triangle) can be fitted on the SCM to give it a slimmer figure. The arm pieces are clipped on the arms so those cannot be re-used.

To conclude I would say that this appendix will add dynamism to your Saint Cloth Myth if you own it but it also makes a splendid display piece by itself.

Saint Myth Code: "THE SOLDIER THAT SAINT OF ATENA FIGHTS AGAINST EVILNESS" "WELCOME TO THE NEW SERIES THANKING YOU IN ADVANCE" (Well nobody said folks at Bandai were any good at English ;) )
This reveals nothing new...

Photoshoot: Here are 4 of my own pictures taken earlier today. I hope you enjoy them ^^

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