Monday, 23 April 2007

[SCM] Aries Shion Surplice - New Photos

Once again Sorrento has provided high-quality scans of the latest Figure Ou and Hobby Japan, which include several new photographs of the Saint Cloth Myth of Aries Shion Surplice, now to be released in June 2007 at the recommended price of ¥4,750.

Personally, I am not really a huge fan of the face. I wasn't particularily planning to purchase it to begin with but I think this will confirm my choice. It's a shame because looking at the artbooks, Shion looks very imposing and charismatic, I don't feel this has been properly transposed to the Cloth Myth. ah well.

Also note the release date. This means no new release this month (April) and next month (May). Maybe this will give time to Bandai to manufacture more copies of Phoenix Ikki as it seems they've done far fewer than was originally thought... Not good!

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