Wednesday, 11 April 2007

[SCM] Premium Shun - Hades new images

Tamashii has posted new pictures on their Myth Premium Shun / Hades Campaign page:

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Based on these images we notice that there will be a second tunic available with an apparent different colour and texture. This brings the list of features to:
- 2 possessed heads
- 2 hair items
- 2 tunics
- 1 cape
- 2 pauldrons
- 1 neck band
- 1 necklace
- 1 belt
- 1 throne

Sadly, as I previouly mentionned, unless I can find a contact in Japan, I won't be able to order it through Tamashii, despite quite possibly having enough coupons for it (once I get my latest order from HLJ...)

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