Sunday, 13 May 2007

[SCM] Coming Up!!

Apparently we can now be almost certain that the Saint Cloth Myth to be released in August 2007 will be the Star of Zeta God Warrior Cyd of Mizar, as shown in the image below kindly provided by Shido from ma-deesse:

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Priced at ¥4,500, we can't expect to have his brother with him in the same box and there has been no word of a parallel release either, even though both god robes are the same only with different colours... We'll be waiting for prototype pictures as well as pre-orders from my usual supplier. Hobby Japan and Figure Ou should be out in less than 2 weeks so hopefully we'll know more then. Confirmed news about the release of Siren Sorrento in July would be good as well...

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