Thursday, 28 June 2007

[SCM] Aries Shion Surplice - Packaging

Due to be released in 2 days' time, the visual for the box packaging of Aries Shion has been unveiled today thanks to Sorrento.

A few things I have noticed. First of all, unless this is due to the dark purple of the box, there doesn't seem to be a Saint Myth Code visible. Perhaps this will be confirmed later for for now I'm assuming it's just not there.

Secondly, based on the contents of the box, there really does not seem to be any more than what we have seen so far. The box is, understandably, laid out pretty much like Aries Mu's and it does not look like there is a cloak included.

Not much else really, except to say that this will probably not be in my collection for various reasons...

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