Wednesday, 20 June 2007

[SCM] Next Releases

Well it's been a while since I was able to spare time and write in there. Apologies if any of you actually follow this blog.

We'll start with what is now very old news, but still quite exciting for those who like these little extras that Bandai keep coming up with. There is a new series to be released, allegedly called "Casual Clothes Series". the official name is yet to be confirmed as there is still no release date or official announcement from Bandai. Yet last month we were offered a glimpse of this new series. So far we'll know that this will include clothes for Pegasus Seiya and Dragon Shiryu, including shoes (as opposed to the feet protection of their cloth) and a dragon tattoo in Shiryu's back. It appears there will also be Pandora's boxes with a small model of their respective cloth inside.

Here are some photos:

There is no indication whether this will include a whole new body or simply extra parts to add to existing Saint Cloth Myth's bodies. More information will be posted when it becomes available...

Update in the Planning Release:

- 30 June 2007: Aries Shion Surplice:

- July 2007: Black Display Stands:

These are meant to be used with either the 3 judges of the underworld with their special attachments like in Pandora's Myth Box or as regular display stands with a purple mat for any other SCM that can be adapted on them.

Siren Sorrento Scale:

This is the first visual of the 3rd Marina, Siren Sorrento. So far it looks good, except for the wrong hair colour. Visuals with the flute still to come...

- August 2007: Zeta Star Syd of Mizar (no visuals yet)
- September 2007: Crysaor Kryshna Scale (no visual) & Shun / Hades Premium Cloth

So finally we have another God Warrior coming up in the calendar with the confirmation from the most serious import stores on line when they added it to their preorder list. 11 months after Siegfried of Dubhe, one should hope that this won't become the standard period between each God Warrior...

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