Sunday, 15 July 2007

[Photoshoot] Sagittarius Gold Cloth + Review

I am so behind in presenting my photoshoots. I have quite a few ready to be tagged and processed but it's really just a matter of finding the time to do all this.

Anyway, let's have a look at this Myth Cloth:

Release Date: October 2004

Extras: Seiya's Head

Review: The first thing that always strikes me with Myth Cloths is the accuracy, or lack thereof, of the face. In the case of Aioros, it's quite hard to actually recognise him. Obviously, this Myth was released in the early days of the series when Bandai had quite a lot of room for improvement so here is hoping that we will be given an appendix before too long to correct this.

The cloth itself is not too difficult to put together. I had some problems with the spurs which just would not stay in place and the wings are also hard to place in their support but in the end I did manage to make it look like something.

This cloth is probably mostly known in its object form and while assembled thus, it looks stunningly similar to what we can see in the series. While worn, it also looks stunning, except for the face of course. I should point out however that it is rather difficult to find a decent position with bow and arrow in hand which demonstrates convincingly that Aioros is an accomplised archer rather than some guy who can't hold his bow straight or his arrow in line.... Well if you've ever done any archery, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Finally, let's note the little bonus of Seiya's head in there. Compared to the newer version of seiya's head, be it his final bronze cloth, or the appendix, this head is pretty blank and hardly unrecognisable so as you can see below with the last two pictures, there's no arguing which head is better when it comes to have Seiya in this gold cloth. That despite the fact that you can't fit the sagittarius diadem on the appendix's head... ah well.

(Sounds familiar? The Gold Cloth Appendixes have exactly the same code...)

Photoshoot: Only 6 pictures for this as there's not an awful lot of poses you can give Aioros as we hardly see him fight in the Original Series or the OVAs. Still, I hope you enjoy the pictures

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