Tuesday, 24 July 2007

[Saint Cloth Myth] Figure Oh & Hobby Japan September 2007

Oh there's some good stuff this month. Not quite as much as I was hoping but still.

Let's first start with the scans from Hobby Japan:

There's yet more images of Sorrento, who still does not quiiiite have the right colour of hair but that hardly matters at this point. He still looks amazing. Some little nitpicking details we could point out: There's few pairs of hands, which will restrict the amount of positions, even though he does hardly ever do anything other than play his flute. You can also notice that the leg parts are in two parts, one in metal, the other in PVC, which shows rather considerably on these pictures. Still I'm guessing those who have ordered this Myth should be pleased with their purchase.

Then we have a first clear view of the prototype for the Appendix of Aiolia. He is seen doing is part in the trinity posture for the Athena Exclamation attack. Does this mean we should expect appendixes of Milo and Mu in the near future? Time will tell. I would have thought if they were to do an appendix of Milo, it would include a slightly more convincing "Scarlet Needle" hand... At any rate, even though there is no paint applied to this prototype, it is already obvious how tremendously improved the myth cloth will be once this is ready. I, for one, am looking forward to it. It appears that it will include two faces (like the others), a front piece with helmet / diadem, another with just hair, and whilst only can be seen, we can suppose that there will be two identical back-hair pieces as well. It's hard to tell if the armour will be adaptable on the myth but looking at the design, I would say it is highly probable this will be so.

Finally, a new angle of Syd of Mizar with the Object form of his God Robe. The Object is quite a piece of art I have to admit, despite the back-legs which I find a little too thin or even disproportionate compared to the front legs. I would need to see how it looks like in the anime again to compare really. Sadly, the photograph of Syd is too similar to the one we saw a few weeks ago so we are yet to discover what he looks like with the lower jaw of the helm attached as well as without his helm on.

Let's have a look at Figure Oh now:

Well we start with a better view of Syd, but sadly the photos, quite certainly the official ones from Tamashii, are identical to those in HJ. I think the text in Japanese underneath "next" says something along the lines of "Second most expected warrior by the public!! From Asgard, the lands of the frozen north" but my translation may be off a little.

Then more pictures of Sorrento, not dissimilar to those in HJ. Two more can be seen, one of them with Siegfried, which, of course, is in the wrong position as they should be heading off towards the Alpha Star face to face with Siegfried's hands tied behind Sorrento's back, but I guess such a posture is not easily doable.

The Pandora's boxes are (presumably) to be included with the Appendix Casual Clothes series to be released, it would seem, in November. Note that the Pegasus Object is that of the second version (in the anime), and not of the (more popular) third and final version.

Finally, just one more image of the display stands B, which I'm still trying to decide whether to buy or not...

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