Wednesday, 25 July 2007

[SCM] Siren Sorrento Myth Code

Okay, our dear friend... umm.. Sorrento ;) gives us the code found on the box for Poseidon's General Siren Sorrento:

It's a little harder to figure out than the usual codes this one but I think it makes sense why it's this way. If you read the greek letters backwards you find a sentence in German that reads:

ein wildes pferd lauft durch das himmels gewölbe und das meer
Which means something like
A wild horse running through the vault of the skies and the seas
A quick look at Wikipedia confirms my suspictions. This refers to the 8-legged Horse Sleipnir, the totem of Beta Star, Hagen of Merak. Hagen being a Germanic name, the code being in german does make sense.

It's coming people, soon it will be with us. I can't wait myself ^^)

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