Friday, 24 August 2007

[Saint Cloth Myth] Crysaor Kryshna - Official Tamashii Pictures, first set

Whoah, that was fast! Yesterday we got the latest photos to complete our idea of Syd and today the Tamashii photos of Kryshna are here, with a photo of the Object.

You may notice that the colours are more orangey than the first photos from C3 (apparently that was the name of the exhibit last weekend) so whether it's a photoshop montage or the real colours remains to be seen. The Object is interesting in that despite not being faithful to the original design (the legs are supposed to be tucked in the chest and skirt parts) it remains impressively beautiful. Extra credits given to the David star and the location of the 7 shakras on the base.

As with all marinas, I shan't be buying it but it is definitely a pleasure to see and I am sure the fans of the Marinas will be delighted with this.

Here are the photos, thanks to Saintaries from ma-déesse passing on Sorrento's pictures ;)

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