Thursday, 23 August 2007

[Saint Cloth Myth] Figure Oh 115 & Hobby Japan 10

Well blimey, I was expecting these tomorrow but I guess we won't complain to have them a day early.

Figure Oh 115:

Finally pictures of Syd without his helm on. I must admit, I'm a bit at two minds with the face. On the one hand, it's the right hair colour (compared to Sorrento for example) but on the other, the hair looks a little too rough, almost like it could have used a little more detailing. Also I find the forehead a wee bit too high. Still, he is very recognisable, and so much better than the vintage version as can be seen on the second picture.

Like for Siegfried, we can see that there will be a "sapphire" included as well as the Odin badge to put on the (white) display stands. Another plus point is the incredible amount of choice for hands. The photos from Hobby Japan show the whole range and it's going to be hard to make a choice as far as displaying is concerned...

As a side note, the first Tamashii photo for Kryshna can also be seen.

Thanks to Itigo from all4seiya for the scans.

Hobby Japan 10:

As I said we can see all the hands which will be included with Syd, included a flat hand, all claws out as in the introductory scene of the Asgard chapter when Syd attempts to slice Athena's throat. Personally I can't wait to try both the Viking Tiger Claw position and the Blue Impulse (sans claws this time).

Now the real surprise with this batch is the fact that the next series of Appendixes will in fact include Aries Mu... From there we can potentially assume that the series will also include Scorpion Milo to complete the Trinity Position. Amusingly, that's also the second appendix with a revised Rosary. I hope that once the painting is done, the new face for Mu will be more resembling the original than the child-like face which is included in the original myth box.

Originally the speculated 4 characters to be released in the next Appendix series were to be Aiolia, Dohko with his tattoo on his back and Shun. Word had it that Ikki would also be released but there never was real evidence that this was the case. So should be expect a whooping 4 gold saints to come? Aiolia, Mu, Dohko and presumably Milo? I'm sure we'll find out in due time.

Thanks to green0540 from all4seiya for the scans

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