Friday, 28 September 2007

[Lost Canvas] New Silver Saint

Teshirogi never ceases to surprise me with the quality of her art. I don't generally talk about Lost Canvas simply because ideally I would love to be able to provide some form of English translation of it but unfortunately, I just don't have the time, nevermind the fact that my Japanese isn't that great.

However, in the last published chapter (number 54) it was revealed that the Jamir Warrior Woman known as Yuzuriha is in fact the Silver Saint of the Crane. And here is the artwork of her cloth, which, if you ask me, greatly supersedes in quality those of Ophiuchus and Eagle.

Some new cloths and surplices started being shown as schematics in volumes 3 and 4 of Lost Canvas (Unicorn V2 and Benu Surplice respectively). While I am yet to acquire volume 5 of Lost Canvas, I am hoping that the volume which will contain chapter 54 will also have the schematics of the Crane. I think this would make a tremendous myth cloth ^^.

Thanks to Trevor for the scan ;)

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