Friday, 21 September 2007

[Saint Cloth Myth Appendix] Leo Aiolia - Colour Pictures

Due to be released sometime in the next couple of days, the new Figure Oh and Hobby Japan will certainly have more details about the next batch of Appendix to come. As a preview, our dear friend Sorrento presents Leo Aiolia finally coloured with details of both faces.

Admittedly, my first reaction was "umm, I'm not too sure about the colour of the mouth when he's in 'attack mode', it looks like he's showing gums rather than teeth". However, remembering the various little changes they did for Seiya before they released it earlier this year, I won't assume this is the final product.

Note that the arms seem to be detachable. This must be a way to have the forearms of the Leo cloth used on the myth cloth and still make the Appendix presentable as a single unit. For my part, I'll have it with his Athena Exclamation pose on, along with Mu and Milo when they come out (assuming the latter will come out as well, though he hasn't been presented yet) and the quieter face on the myth. No release date has been announced yet however.

Enjoy the pictures.

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