Monday, 24 September 2007

[Saint Cloth Myth] Figure Oh 116 - Kryshna, Crystal Saint and Mu appendix

Okay here we go, the "Age of Myth" pictures from Figure Oh are out at last. Normally they all come out at once but hey, I take what comes ;)

So like before, not much to be enthused about. I personally find Kryshna to be a bit of a disappointment to be honest. I mean the scale is very accurate and even though it's not as orange as it ought to be, the sculpture is spot on. The face however is a disaster. I mean, just look at it... How far away are we from Sorrento, I ask you? Okay so it's not Aiolia or Shaka pre-appendix but still, anyone who will want to display it in the "Maha Roshini" posture (crossed legs with the upper part of the scale removed) will have to deal with that ginormous neck the reminds me of this tribe of "giraffe women" who wear all these rings to make their necks longer... The eyes don't do it for me either, it's a bit worrying actually. Bandai was on a rising slope of accuracy and beauty but this to me takes it right back. They'd better not mess up the rest of the god warriors I say!

We continue with a new picture of Crystal Saint. They've added a new cape, which looks reasonably okay if you ignore the fold down the middle. Though again, I really don't like the face they've given him. I wasn't hoping for much improvements since last May though...

As for Mu's appendix well, sadly there's nothing new since last time...

And the "next" text underneath Crystal's phot seems to refer to the upcoming boxset of the 5 bronzes and their "reborn" V2 cloths. I'm sure we'll find out next month if not before.

Thanks once again to Sorrento for the images

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