Thursday, 6 September 2007

[Saint Cloth Myth] Saint Myth Code for Shun/Hades, Syd and Kryshna

Yes already the code for the 3 of them, it'd better be said that it took me a while to get through all of them.

The code for Shun/Hades is vicious. Once you transcribed the letters you have to take 3 steps backwards in the alphabet at which point you have a string that spells:


Or in Engrish ;)

"Soon the way to Elysium will start being opened"

Which to me does nothing but announce the release of the next series of OVAs in December. Of course it could announce myths from the Elysion Chapter such as the brothers Hypnos and Thanatos, some interesting specters like Queen, Gordon or Sylphide or even Hades himself in his God Robe. Who knows?

The code from Syd's box is the least interesting of the three seeing as it's exactly the same as the one on Siegfried's box. In other words, all it spells is "ALIOTH MIZAR ALCOR BENETNASCH DUBHE MERAK PHECDA MEGREZ"

Not much to go on with that one :/

Finally the code for Kryshna seems to be the most cryptic. Again it was pretty vicious. This time you had to go 5 letters ahead after transcribing. You would then get:


Obviously something in German. Put the letters back together and you get:

"leuchten sterne die auf einer alte burg"

Which roughly translates into "the stars are shining in an old castle" (Got it translated by a friend of mine from Germany so I'm pretty confident it's as good as it'll get)

What castle they refer to is a bit mysterious. The obvious one is Heinstein Castle where Pandora grew up. The stars could refer to Hypnos and Thanathos who both bear stars on their foreheads and of course since it's a German castle it would make it the obvious choice.

However, one could argue that Asgard is part of the Germanic tradition. After all Sorrento's code mentionned Hagen in German. The "castle" could be Valhalla Hall even though it's not technically a castle. The "stars" could be either of the remaining stars from Ursa Major from which the God Warriors get their God Robes. Perhaps it's just one way to say "We're gonna hurry up and catch up with the God Warriors to be released". Personally I can't find any stronger argument either way. What's for certain is that it doesn't refer to any particular character.

Time will tell what this is all about really ;)

Thanks to Cellsenshi via M and Shido of ma-deesse for the images :D

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