Tuesday, 30 October 2007

[Saint Cloth Myth] Beta Star Hagen of Merak - First Pictures

Well, there they are, the first visuals of what is probably the most expected myth cloth of the year, something Bandai probably knew, or they would not have released him in December.

Anyway, the Beta Star, Hagen of Merak was technically supposed to be the second God Warrior to be released. Presumably there was a logic to their order of release, which got blown out when Syd was released "earlier". The character in the series isn't really the most exciting or interesting character, in fact he's pretty much nothing more than a spoilt brat who can't seem capable of much outside his own training ground. However, his God Robe is absolutely superb. The mixture of Fire and Ice is very well blended with the silver and red and getting a Robe from Sleipnir, the 8-legged horse was no easy task.

So, what about this myth cloth then? Well it seems this is still a prototype, and I for one very much hope it is because I'm a bit disappointed by the face and hair, which I find essential in the proper rendering of a Saint Seiya character into myth cloth. The God Robe itself is superb, the object form seems rather skinny, but maybe I've been looking at too many picture of its vintage counterpart. I note they're using a support mechanism similar to the object form of Cygnus V3. It's a shame it's done in silver, I would have thought after the transparent piece included in Kryshna's box, they would have emulated the system to make additional pieces like this less obvious. Hopefully this will change.

No, what really bothers me is the face. I really can't recognise Hagen on there, he looks too nice and these locks on his shoulders are just wrong. Considering the time they had to design this one, this is a bit disappointing but we'll see, perhaps there will be significant changes before he comes out for Christmas...

Thanks to Shido for the pictures

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