Tuesday, 23 October 2007

[Saint Cloth Myth] Figure Oh 117 - Crysaor Kryshna - Casual Clothes - Crystal Saint & Reborn Cloth Pack

And it's that time of the month again with images that make your eyes bleed ....

Ahem, We start with more pictures of Crysaor Kryshna with not much to say there other than the posture on the display stand is rather amusing. I'm actually curious how stable that is if the figure just rests on the open hooks...

Moving on, we get more pictures of the Appendix Casual Clothes series, not really anything new compared to the Tamashii pictures (in fact they're exactly the same...).

Crystal saint, well, it'll let you judge. The pack of the 5 bronzes V2 (aka "Reborn" Cloth) seems to only be the dragon cloth recoloured to the same tincture as its V3 counterpart. It's kinda hard to tell on this picture but the faces don't look very much different from the original V2, which is a shame. the pack seems to include 5 blue display stands and of course, still no sign of the "surprise".

Thanks to Itigo at all4seiya for the pictures

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