Tuesday, 23 October 2007

[Saint Cloth Myth] Hobby Japan 12 - Casual Clothes, Crysaor Kryshna, Aiolia Appendix, Mu Appendix

Well I guess those took a wee bit longer to scan than Figure Oh :p

Okay so we have more pictures of the Casual Clothes for Seiya and Shiryu, this time with different poses and angles from the official Tamashii ones. We still don't know whether Shiryu will have his tottoo on the back included, which is a little annoying as enquiring minds like mine would like to know. We'll find out when it arrives through the post I suppose.

I'm also not entirely sure how the figs don't fall back with the weight of these boxes, they look kinda arched forward on the photos, I just hope they'll be stable enough, otherwise they may have to sit on the boxes or something ;)

Now, colour photos of Mu appendix are absolutely splendid. Finally they have given him more Mu-like eyes and not the child-like ones he has on the original myth cloth. If anything he may look a wee bit too angry even. So far the only down side I've noticed is that the rosary seems to be fixed to the hand holding it. Not entirely surprising since the hand is open but still a bit annoying if one wishes to re-use the rosary with shaka or something.

Other images are similar to those posed previously.

Thanks to jew_green @ all4seiya ^^.

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