Friday, 30 November 2007

[Saint Cloth Myth] God of Death Thanatos to be released in March 2008

The rumours have been steadily growing in the last couple of days, now the mystery of the bright star from the Saint Myth Code on Kryshna's box is revealed to be the God of Death, Thanatos.

His release will coincide with the first set of the last 6 OVAs centered around the Elysion arc of the Hades chapter. That is March 2008. Expected retail price is ¥7,000 which is ¥1,000 more expensive than Gemini Saga was. Speculations as per what justifies such a leap in price will fill many discussions I'm sure since even though his God Robe is quite massive, there has to be a little more to it than that. We'll know more in due time as always.

The following release table kindly provided by petit_dragon (from the store confirms this release.

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