Wednesday, 21 November 2007

[Saint Cloth Myth] Hobby Japan 2008 - 01

Well the first scans of Hobby Japan are out so let's see what new things we're being shown this time.

Though before we do that, let me show two official shots of the appendixes for Leo Aiolia and Aries Mu:

We know they will be released in February 2008 (see announcement below), one for the price of ¥1,890 like the first four the other for ¥2,310. there is no real indication why Mu will be more expensive (and sadly the feature from Hobby Japan does not leave us any the wiser on this but I'm sure we'll find out in time)

Let's move on to the scans from Hobby Japan. What transpires from this is the complete compatibility of the parts from Aiolia appendix onto the myth cloth version to make it less bulky. Of course this means that if you want to do that and display the appendix, you'll have to get yourself two of them but for my part, I'll do just like I did for Seiya and simply change the head. Still it's very well thought of even if all parts will be made of PVC.

The second page shows little new. The set of the first 5 bronze cloths will be released with necks that can be used to adapt the heads of the V3. One can regret that they just have not issued a new head, this would probably have me think about maybe acquiring this...

As for the casual clothes, there seems to be a large belt system to allow for the pandoras to be placed on top of the other in the manner done by Shiryu when he goes to Jamir to have the cloths repaired by Mu. There is also a part which can be adapted to the display stands as I doubt they can stand by themselves with the pandora on the back without falling over.

Finally the photograph of Hagen shows nothing that we have not seen before. I'm still hoping they will refine the hair on the shoulders as it really looks like tagliatelli there ;)

A big thanks to green0540 (all4seiya), M & Tsume (ma-deesse) for the photos

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