Monday, 3 December 2007

[Saint Cloth Myth] Gold-plated Pegasus Seiya Final Version Photos

Scheduled for release in March 2008, this gold plated version of Pegasus Seiya Final Cloth will be a limited edition of 20,000 pieces. However at ¥15,750 RRP, this really will be for the Die-Hard, Must-Collect-Everything collector because as pretty as it is, the limited numbers don't justify the price.

If you're interested in alternate means of investment this may be a figurine worth getting to sell back at 3 times its price in 10 years. Unless of course the limited edition is for Japan only and the exact same will be available in Hong Kong. Pure speculation on my part but this would not surprise me the slightest.

Thanks to Sorrento for the info and the pictures :)

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