Wednesday, 26 March 2008

[Saint Cloth Myth] Scylla Io - First Tamashii Pictures

Release date: End of May 2008.
Recommended Price: ¥5,000

Thanks youko37 @ all4seiya ;)


Alioth Fenrir said...

C'et bien que dans le monde ya un autre fan de Alioth no Fenrir!!

De toute façon j'adore ce Myth Cloth!!


Hector said...

Hey man,

Just found your blog, and man, it's awesome to see the figures. Big fan of Saint Seiya, and I slowly been catching up with all the new figures being released. It's awesome to see the detail on them. Certainly blows away the all figures, although those were awesome back in the day.

Agree in Scylla, I actually had his old figure, so he quickly became my favorite marine general.