Wednesday, 18 June 2008

[Saint Cloth Myth] Tamashii teasers - Hypnos and Alioth Fenrir

As it was the case for Poseidon, the developers at Tamashii have posted another set of teasers for upcoming myth cloth and, as you might guess from the subject line, one of them is very exciting ^^

First is Hypnos, which is quite obvious from the photograph:

Together with Thanatos, they'll probably require an entire shelf just for themselves so as to be displayed in their full glory. No indication as per when it will be released, though I have heard rumors of October, November. I'll keep you posted once more is known on this.

The second and probably most expected Myth Cloth of them all for me, is of course Alioth Fenrir.

Now I know it's not showing very much (that's why it's a teaser ;)) but from the design, the God Robe of Epsilon is immediately recognisable. I'm trying not to be too anxious about this upcoming myth cloth but since lately Bandai has either done exceptionally well (Io for instance) or was quite disappointing (Hagen, Bian...) it's hard to know for sure how well crafted it will turn out. I'm also hoping for Ging, his wolf friend, to be included in the box. We shall see.

As for release dates, again, this is just a teaser so we don't know for sure but a rumour I heard a few weeks ago suggest it might be out in December, as always I'll update when I find out more about it.


Swissy said...

Do want! will have!

fenrir said...

Me too but it doesn't quite nearly as excite me as the future release of Fenrir ^^