Thursday, 19 June 2008

[Saint Cloth Myth] Tokyo Toy Show - Alioth Fenrir, Hypnos and more...

Okay folks, so that wasn't a particularily long wait (I wasn't really expecting it to be to be honest). Photos from the Tokyo Toy Show that we saw some glimpses of yesterday have started emerging... lots of them. Well not "Tamashii Nation" -lots but still enough to make me all giddy and excited about the upcoming releases.

So without further ado, I present my greatest expectation:

Epsilon star, Alioth Fenrir:

He has a certain air of "don't mess up with me or else", which to my mind (and trust me, I know something about this) does transcribe rather well the feeling of being a lone-wolf rejected from the world, ready to take on whatever comes at you.

Now on more design issues, I have to admit of being quite please overall. There are separate knee parts which, despite it generic similarity with the Zeta God Robe, make the leg part a lot tighter in design and thus more sleek. The claws seem to also be a separate part which either gets clipped on the hand parts or the end of the forearms. This should help clipping the hands in more easily I hope. The fur skirt has also been included (it wasn't on the Vintage figurine), though it is made of plastic, so we'll se how it looks overall with the colour on. The mask's proportions seem to be just right and give a well balance overall look to the figurine (Hagen's for instance was too high to my liking). Finally, the face and hair seem to be really well worked. Now it'll be a case of waiting to see the coloured version and what he looks like without the eyepiece of the mask, or just without the mask.

One but can dream but if only they could include Ging his wolf companion as well as a blue tunic to allow for a "casual clothes" version, it would be fantastic...

Next on is

God of Sleep, Hypnos

That particular photo make him look almost transparent. There's not much else to say I don't think, other than confirming it will take a hell of a lot of space, especially because of the side peacock feathers but overall, it will nicely complete the twin pair of Elysion lower gods...

Lyumnades Kassa

Those are rather better quality images than what's been available so far. The face is still the same, and I doubt they'll change it now (though you never know, they did change Syd's at the last minute last year) but the scale is rather well done. What's more is that the colours seem to be consistent with Scylla Io's, that is to say, quite faithful to what we saw in the original anime. Now of course that mean they'll both clash with the 5 other sea generals, ah well. Not quite sure what Bandai was thinking there...

Saori - Athena

No new image of the figurine itself as of yet, but a nice bonus to be included, the jar in which Hypnos traps her as she arrives in Elysion. It makes me wonder if the head part will be adaptable to the jar now...

Julian Solo / Poseidon

The first two are of the "Royal Ornament" edition and the last two, the regular edition. I'm quite impressed that they're including a face with closed eyes, they seem to have gone back into the habit of doing so and that's quite a welcome little bonus as we sometimes mostly picture some of these characters with their eyes closed.

Other than that, the colours are quite spiffy and I can't wait to get mine (though I'm yet to work out where I'll put it ...)

Thanks again to Sorrento and all the guys on ma-deesse who relayed the photos ^^

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