Wednesday, 23 July 2008

[Saint Cloth Myth] Pegasus Seiya Figure Oh Special Edition Broken Version

Here's the full version of the prototype for the Figure Oh Special Edition of Pegasus Seiya Broken Version. It's quite well made actually when you look at it carefully. There's various bits from changes Bandai have made over the years to improve the sreamlining of the cloth, such as hiding the hinges of the chest part towards the back (as seen in Seiya God cloth) but also using the new body and a decent face. You can see it is a "V2" of the cloth (as seen in the first 11 episodes of the Hades Sanctuary chapter) but unlike the boxset released last year it's just just a new paint job, there is some kind of creative effort there.

I'm still not entirely sure what the Japanese says but it still shows a price of ¥1,600, which is a little dubious, we'll see when we find out more. And there's still no indication when this will be released so as always, wait and see ^^

Thanks to Shido/Iknowkungfu for the photo ^^


Anonymous said...

it said, they going to release a book on all the cloth for 1600 yen ^^ during aug the 8th

Daniel said...

I don't know if there's an FAQ or something, and if there is, I'm sorry I didn't see it, but - where can I buy the figures (online) in the US? I mean, those pieces look fantastic.

I want to get all 12 gold saints, the 5 bronze saints and the god versions of 'em. If you know of a good place to buy them at that'd be awesome. I can only find them scattered all over the place...

fenrir said...

Hi Daniel,

No no FAQ, sorry ^^

Being in the UK, it's rather tricky to advise you on where you can buy myth cloths. I did buy one of the pieces in my collection in San Francisco while on a trip there but I had to search really hard and at the end paid more than what I would have if I had ordered them on-line.

So try HLJ which is possibly the cheapest shop on the web, Angolz which has some pretty good prices, Hobby Search or Hachioji. Those shops are based in Japan or Hong Kong however. EBay has proven to be a reasonable source as well.

You might not be able to get all those pieces at once though, some are out of stock but can get restocked in the future. For the god cloths, only pegasus has been released so keep an eye out for the other ones coming out (probably from 2009).

Josianne said...

Hello everyone,

I agree with Fenrir, I find ebay very reasonable in prices and for the variety of choice. I got my Gemini Saga from there,and SeaDragon Kanon is on his way from there. By the way, I'm from Malta and it is extremely rare to come across the cloths here.

Hope it helps, Daniel